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American Faceting Machine

This is an American Faceting Machine in working condition.  The purchase includes the original documentation, 3 incomplete sets of dop sticks (about 70 dops ranging from 2mm to 26mm), 1 preformer, 7 Index Wheels (4x96, 2x64, 72, and preformer), 2 water bottles and Transfer Block..  There are 2 Master Laps and 7 Diamond laps (6 top cutters and 1 felt).  Also included are various Mylar polishing laps.  ***(There is an intermittant short in the wires to the analog micrometer, but it still works.  The reading drops off if you twist or pull on the connecting wire too much.). I upgraded to an Ultra Tec.  Buyer pays shipping costs.

American Faceting Machine

SKU: EE2021AF00001
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