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Brilliant Hand Cut Mintabie Opal  Custom Mounted at Your Request

This is magnificant Australian Opal from Mintabie.  Mintabie opal operations are closed and new material is not available.  This stone will enhance the beauty of anyone wearing jewelry made from such an exquisite stone.


This cabochon is $10 / carat.  This stone is ~1.5cm x 2 cm.  It weighs 3g, or 15 carats.

The $10 per carat price inludes a custom sterling silver bezel pendant mount.

Australian Opal Cabochon

SKU: EC20200052
  • Select a special stone and CHAT with the staff,  EMAIL us at, or add a special note during CHECKOUT, so we can contact you.  We can coordinate creating that special design and create a very special gift or unique purchase.  Please add a NOTE to the item in the checkout process.

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