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Stunning Matched Pair of Turquoise Cabs


Bisbee turquoise is revered world-wide for its exceptional beauty and value. These stones are from the famed Lavender Pit copper mine in Bisbee, Arizona. The turquoise itself was often found in the tailings from mining operations, which ceased in the mid 1970s and the mine closed. The fact that no more turquoise can come out of the mine only has added to its value.


These beautiful stones are 16.1 g or 80.5 carats.  Each stone is about 3 cm x 4.5 cm. The cabochons sell for $2.85 per carat, or $225 for both.  This magnificent Arizona turquoise would make up into a beautiful Southwestern-style necklace.


Matching Turquoise Cabochons

SKU: EC20200049
  • Select a stone and CHAT with the staff or EMAIL us at about your particular requirements.  We can coordinate creating that specific design and create a very special gift or unique purchase.  

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